Monday, January 19, 2009

Hopefully almost last doctors appointment

Had my roughly two month appointment last friday.
Grip strength:
Left 130, Right 150

I was told things are looking good (elbow still somewhat numb but at the same time hypersensitive to the prickly wheel they run down your arm and hands). That was from the incision itself I believe.

Its been pretty good lately.. definitely better than two weeks ago. I was told I can use it for most things now, just basically dont beat it up... IE no mountain biking yet. Doh.

So... next followup is end of february, hopefully I will get the OK then and I can fully test arm out with exercise and bike riding. Right arm has actually been pretty good lately as well. I've had almost no tingling in the left hand, even after taking both dogs for a long run the other day and a leash in both hands. I was told I can go skiing now too. WOOHOO!!!!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting your adventure with the ulnar transposition surgery! I'm due to have this same procedure on Thursday and I'm pretty freaked out about the whole thing. This blog was very helpful! Hope you're still doing well...would love to hear an update on if your symptoms were completely relieved or not. =)

Adam Tuliper said...

I will leave on update on the blog.. thanks for the feedback! Don't be freaked out.. it was easier than I thought it would be looking back on everything. Three months for full recovery goes by really fast too... plus you are using the hand lightly in a few weeks or so.

Scott said...

How is your arm and hand doing today? I'm planning on having intra-muscular transposition in a couple of weeks. But not really happy about it. Thanks.

Adam Tuliper said...

I am indeed doing quite well now. I've successfully beat up both arms this summer between software development and lots and lots of mountain biking. My right hand, still an issue (that arm I had the endoscopic procedure on) and my left hand (the arm with the transposition) has been doing great. Its not 100%, but prob 80-90%. I still have a weird feeling in it every now and then - like mild pressure in the hand, but no burning like before. Sometimes though I do wake up with the fingers tingling. It is rare and this didn't happen to me often before the surgery, but would surely take that over what I had before. That is rare though and probably if I sleep with the arm all curled up. So all in all looking back, recovery was a snap and now I dont even think about the arm much. The scar is slightly numb around ie.. well not numb but decreased sensation. That is normal though with any significant incision to the skin and I really don't notice/think about it unless I specifically touch the elbow and think about it. Good luck! Besides sleeping discomfort the first few days it wasn't a huge deal. I just remember thinking 'wow.. wondering after all this time I finally had it done.. and now its all uphill from here' so keep that in mind : )