Friday, November 20, 2009

Strange issue a year later

My left arm had been doing great.

In the last week both arms kicked into high gear.. including my left arm which has been on the rise for a year, now tingling is back.. bad sensations. pin prickles that pulse with my heartbeat at times. Also other areas are acting up too (legs) which leads me to wonder if something else isn't going on here to make my nerves (all of them) more sensitive... but the left operated arm feels worse than my other arm today for literally the first time since this all happened. I did a long drive recently.. but Im pretty sure I've done that before so this doesn't make sense. I have a blood test scheduled to see if there isn't something else going on (btw.. I had an emg recently that showed my operated left arm to be basically back to normal) so this is all weird.


Jenny said...

Any updates?

I've had cubital tunnel for 3 years and am wondering what to do...



Adam Tuliper said...

ya.. it got bad for about a week and then started fading away. Im waiting to visit another doctor next month to see if anything else is going on.. but the arm has gotten better again. Not as good as it was.. but definitely better. I dont know what brought it on.. a local doctor told me 'sometimes it happens'. Sometimes the nerve rescars and a followup surgery is required. However.. its not bad. .and its still better than it was before. I am happy I had the surgery.. and I thought about it for quite a long time before getting it done and when I finally did I said to myself 'that was it?' IE wow.. I waited that long for something that was basically over in a month (except for heavier lifting)
If insurance covers it.. it may not be a bad idea to try the endoscopic procedure first.. some people it works just fine for. Although if you do get the full procedure that I had and are worried about the scar.. the scar is long.. but really not that visible. I'd say listen to your doctor or a neurologist. I had a neurologist say 'I would get it fixed. its not so bad you have to be rushed to surgery today.. but I wold get it fixed when its convenient for you' and that was excellent advice. however.. nerves can damage.. so make sure its not getting worse. I believe the longer you have it I read the more chance there is of not having a full recovery. however.. I did mine after almost 3 years or so and it wasnt bad.. but there are much worse cases than mine.

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