Friday, April 30, 2010

Another update

weird. ok.. so the HNPP test came back negative - which is the good news. Why my nerves seem to be sensitive at times? Not sure. My arms haven't been 'bad' lately (ie no flare up in a couple months now although I still feel it) knock on wood.
Left arm that I had the transposition on I've tried to especially sleep with it straight. I thought I was but my Wife every now and then wakes me up when she sees I'm sleeping with them bent.

Another interesting thing I noted - when we go surfing in cold water and then come out once I'm quite cold - my hands tingle like crazy. its so intense its such a weird feeling. It doesn't hurt.. just weird.. I know : )


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting so extensively about your experience with cubital tunnel surgery; your tips for preparing for surgery are valuable and greatly appreciated. I saw a neurologist this week and have an appointment with a hand surgeon--it appears I am on my way to surgery. The neurologist pointed out that some of the muscles in my left hand have atrophied. It's astonishing that I never noticed this, especially because I am left-handed. The primary cause of my problem was probably a fall on the ice several years ago. I landed directly on my left elbow, which healed and that was that, or so I thought. The numbness and tingling came about this past summer. I'm working on my dissertation and spent the summer with my laptop on my kitchen bar counter. While typing, I leaned on my elbows and forearms, which brought the problem to the forefront. (I've been hitting myself over the head, metaphorically speaking, with a baseball bat since I started this doctorate three years ago--now I know why. At my age, somewhere between menopause and death--as the late Erma Bombeck once said--I should be deciding where to retire or revising my will or something). As I'm typing this, I notice that I'm leaning on my elbows. Seriously, isn't that what elbows are for???

Sincerely, Incarnadinata

tachyon34 said...

how are you doing these days? hope your arm is better and that you might update us

Adam Tuliper said...

So far its 'decent'. Healing isn't 100% but most days I don't notice it in my left arm too much, at least not enough to stop me from doing things. My right arm though (the scope based surgery as oppose to transposition) still gets jacked up. I think if I over work it I know it. I want to go back to the gym but am a bit limited to fear of aggravating it so I dont. It still will go numb some nights I think depending how I sleep (didnt do that for a year after surgery) but it is what it is - not too bad knock on wood. I 100% would have still had the surgery though as its better than it was.

Anonymous said...

could you update on your left arm? I was recommended for a similar procedure and am a little scared by what I've been reading about the recovery. Just don't want to get it done and have it end up worse, or not helping. Thanks for posting your experience

Adam Tuliper said...

Sure, arm is good, significantly better than the right arm. Every now and then I'll wake up with some numbness but in general its great and I have no problem (knock on wood). I started going back to the gym a bit recently and it felt pretty good although the right hand side (the one I didn't have transposition on) immediately started acting up a bit so considering if I want to get that one done. Its minor on the right, but enough that maybe I want to get it done one day and not worry about it again. So for me, the experience was definitely worth it. I can't speak for everyone, but its pretty good these days :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog Adam, I went through the surgery and found your updates helpful (found through a google search).

I had the surgery myself a couple weeks ago and it went better than nerve was pretty damaged so it will take a while to grow back but the healing on the elbow and wrist has gone as well as can be expected. I had very little pain and within a few days I was able to drive and generally function. But of course no point in pushing it either and everyone is different.

I had submuscular ulnar nerve transposition. Thanks everyone and take care. Try not to be too anxious about the surgery if you're facing it!