Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wrapup in 2014 - Six years post surgery

I've received many messages asking me for the current state of my arm. I'm happy to say (knock on wood) I consider the surgery a success. Was it a 100% success? Maybe for what I had done. I believe I have sensitive nerves for some reason. It doesn't seem to take much to cause my fingers to tingle. I can drive a car with my operated arm not flexed but straight and after a long while let go of the wheel and my fingers tingle, but that's not often. Most of the time the arm is great. I don't ever have the burning like I did previously that I can recall.

My right (un-operated arm for that procedure) arm is also quite a bit better than it used to be but every now and then I consider going in for surgery on that arm since it can still act up on occasion. IE my operated arm is definitely the better arm and I hardly ever notice anything with it.

The scar is never a concern of mine now but it was prior to surgery. It's really not visible where it is on the arm unless I hold my arms above my head to stretch but really, who cares :)  Would I do it again? Certainly.

Why did I have that weird recurrence a year after the surgery? No idea and thankfully that went away never to return. I wonder if there was some weird part of the healing process since they say nerves can take a year to heal - maybe that was the final plug-in wake-up recovery portion (although it surely didn't feel like it). That will remain a mystery. I don't weight lift like I used to so maybe that was a cause. I am very active though. I'm an avid mountain biker & runner at age 40 and like to hike big mtns and workout (cardio and light weights) to prepare for challenges like Tough Mudder. I mention this only to make the point the arms hold up pretty good for that, although sometimes the right un operated arm lets me know when I'm pushing it too much (which sometimes doesn't feel like much again prompting thoughts to get surgery but with a third child on the way and two toddlers the timing never seems right)- far far better than it used to be though.

Here's a quick pic of my arm (taken from hotel I'm staying at late night as I write this if you are wondering why I decided to have a shower in the pic). I have very bony elbows anyways, so that's not an effect from the surgery :)

Signing out now - best of luck! Adam


Todd said...

HI Adam,

I just read your blog for the last 4 years. You and I have the exact same medical history. I'm also into mountain biking and all the same hobbies as you. Like you I had the surgery as well and need it on my other arm. I think the reason the other arm doesn't get as bad as the surgical repaired arm is because we are now educated on how to treat cuts. MY nerves are exactly like yours. I had the hnpp test as well. Mine Came back negative.Like you I would have the surgery again but I still get a little pain in my fingers. It's not nearly as bad as prior to surgery because I wanted to cut my fingers off before surgery but now it's more of a nuisance.

I have no underlying cause why my nerves are so sensitive. Since I was 14 years old I've been weightlifting, mountain biking, and playing a lot of sports. I just turned 40 as well. I'm really not liking get an old. It's hard to coordinate surgery with having small children. Being my right arm isn't that bad I think I can get by with a decompression which is way easier to recover from. My left arm ulnar nerve got pretty damaged because I didn't see a doctor about it soon enough so it probably will never be 100%. I will make the same mistake on my right arm.

I thought I would comment on your blog being our stories are extremely similar.

Talk to you later Todd

hocine said...

Hello . I live in france . . I have two subluxation elbow and I would like get treatment by a very good surgeon but in France I can not find . I like to know if you are well and if you recovered your operation.The best choice for this operation under cutanné or sub muscular or transmuscular ? in french it are under cutanné . thank you

Adam Tuliper said...

I am well and am recovered - thanks! :) The right arm has gotten better (that didn't go through this) but if I start going back to the gym for example, it starts coming back